Last chance rescue attempt succeeds for terribly neglected shepherd in Rio Grande Valley

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In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that has consistently been a popular area to abandon dogs, a Good Samaritan was able to capture a heartbreaking photo of a dog whose pain and suffering could hardly be imagined. No dog deserves to be starved and neglected as this dog has been, and kind hearted neighbors and friends reached out for someone to help.

His photo shocked even the most stalwart rescuers.

He is roaming the streets. Barely a dog with a dirty collar. He must have escaped a hell he barely survived. He desperately needs a rescue and a foster

Leslie Hennings

Just hours later, Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue stepped forward. They have named the shepherd Phoenix, and he was on his way to Houston Sunday afternoon and headed to Vergi, an emergency veterinarian hospital, where he will likely need blood transfusions and specialized life saving treatment.

The good news … the ugly world that Phoenix knew yesterday is gone forever.

(Photos via Leslie Hennings)

Updates to follow.

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