Horse found abandoned on the streets of Philadelphia

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Rescuers have not stopped shaking their heads trying to figure out how anyone could be so heartless as to abandon a horse on the streets of Philadelphia. The horse was found wandering on Darien Street in Hunting Park after allegedly being left to fend for himself by a man who bought him.

According to the Philadelphia’s Animal Care & Control, concerned citizens asked for help for the horse now named Darien.

When our officers received a call about a stray horse, they weren’t sure what to expect. It turned out he had been abandoned by someone who bought him earlier in the day. Thankfully, the horse, now named Darien, was in good hands with the community who kept him cool and safe until we were able to load him on our trailer and get him off the busy street!

Philadelphia AC&C

Horses are not illegal in Philadelphia, but they need care and appropriate housing to stay healthy and happy. Darien is not expected to be available for adoption at this time as he needs medical rehabilitation. Please share this horse’s needs with approved rescue organizations that are equipped to give Darien the help he needs.


We have confirmed placement for Darien with one of our love local partners – Because of his rehabilitation needs we believe transferring him to a rescue that can rehab him and get to know his true personality better (and then find him the right home) was in his best interest as opposed to adoption. We hope everyone who was interested in adopting Darien will adopt another horse in need, as there are many looking for homes!

Philadelphia AC&C

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