Horribly neglected pup, found tied up and crying, gets second chance with rescuer

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A horribly neglected puppy, tied up and left to suffer alone in a public area in Texas, is getting his second chance thanks to a good Samaritan who took him home after finding him abandoned, and a rescuer who has stepped up to bring him back to health.

Janice Wolf, of Rocky Ridge Rescue, explained the pitiful condition the pup is in, and her plans to help him:

Folks, this pup is a 5 MONTH old Doberman! He weighs 13 lbs and stands only as tall as a large housecat! His severe leg issue is a result of malnutrition and almost certainly being confined to a small crate. Nails are long from zero wear. I have helped many pups with this same leg deformity over the years and all recovered quickly and well. This pup has a severe case and the tendons are so contracted that his front legs can not be manually straightened at this time.


I have had one other case of this severity and through a very short course of using splinting to start the process of stretching and realigning the legs and joints, the dog recovered quickly and had normal legs the rest of his life. This pup will need some close care and work to accomplish the same good results, but I believe there is good hope he can.

Janice is well-known in the rescue world and she has rehabilitated countless animals. Follow this pup’s progress at this link to Rocky Ridge Refuge on Facebook.

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