Homeless man threw the sweetest birthday party for his dogs

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In Bucaramanga, Columbia, a homeless man celebrating the birthday of his dog has left social media users both in tears and smiling. Yes, the 25-year-old homeless man named José Luis Matos (Choco), may be down on his luck, but not so for his two dogs Shaggy and Nena.

Recently a video went viral and changed his life. The clip showed the man cut a cake decorated with two candles, and then he offered a portion to his two dogs who wore birthday hats for the event. And he also sang “Happy Birthday” to them and then hugged and kissed them both.

And so we find out, that it was Shaggy’s birthday and what’s not to celebrate? And as for the cake, a kind neighborhood person donated the sweet delight to Choco along with the candles.

The video ended with the person videoing the encounter meeting Choco and offering to help him and his dogs. The young man had been homeless for years after running away from an abusive home, but never wavered from caring for his dogs – his two best friends.

Many people have since pitched in and donated dog necessities, clothes for the man, food and supplies and have been helping the man regain his dignity hopefully to help him find a job, a home and get off the streets.


Lots of kindness out there – that’s for sure, and when we reach out, it’s heartwarming and a boon to our humanity.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    If the top 5% in every country weren’t so greedy there would be no homeless people. Bless this man and the people that are helping him. I read the other day here in the USA 6 families own as much wealth at the bottom 50% of the population, 6 families. When is too much money enough for those people?


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