Heroic pooch helped his pal get to safety from garden pond in Thailand

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In the Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand, a two-year-old husky named Star rescued his golden retriever pal, Singto from a muddy garden pond where the dog had become stranded.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed by the dogs’ owner, Jinda Pathumsutr who could be heard encouraging Star to help his pal. The incident occurred earlier this month after Star spotted his dog pal struggling to get out of the slippery pond in their backyard. Star first grabbed his pal’s fur on the nape of his neck; Singto tried to grab hold of the rocks on the edge of the pond.

Two more dogs leap into the rescue efforts but stood back as Star seemed to have been leading the efforts. Jinda did have to get involved and could be seen grabbing Singto by his collar and leading him to an easier path to climb out of the pond.

As Singto found an easier area to maneuver, Star is still right there nudging his pal with his nose. And when Singto finally is able to climb safely to dry land, Star can be seen playfully nipping at his pal before the two run off to play.

Tiktok user named ‘Jinda Pathumsutr’, the owner of the famous page ‘Four friends’ posted a clip of the incident where the giant Siberian dog was helping the lion, the golden retriever dog who was falling into the well of the most capable. Using the mouth around the neck before dragging the lion up. With another dog who encouraged and helped the lion brother to get out of the well, by posting a message that says “Even the dog sees his friend drowning, they still help each other. What is the mind of each other?”

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No doubt – dogs rock!

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