Handsome shepherd at ‘high risk’ of being euthanized – shelter seeking help

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A handsome German shepherd is at “high risk” of being euthanized at a shelter in Kentucky. But shelter staff are trying to avoid that unthinkable fate. This week, the DCAC Urgents Facebook page explains what is known of the situation:

Time Sensitive🔺️High Risk Of Euthanasia
🔺️Negative comments❌ will be removed. The shelter is trying to help this dog.
🐾💙This German Shepherd boy is looking for a reputable rescue to take him in. He has found himself in a of a situation and is at high risk of being euthanized.

The “situation” causing the “high risk of euthanasia” is not fully explained.

Additional information:

He needs a rescue that understands the breed and they are protective by nature, due to hundreds of years of selective breeding. He is about 2 years old, heartworm negative, housebroken and lived with children and another dog.
He has been friendly and well mannered at the shelter.

Given the small amount of information, it appears that this dog “may” have guarding issues. Or, he may be reactive. What IS known is that a rescue group is needed as soon as possible to save his life. If you work with a rescue group, please reach out directly to the shelter to learn more about saving this dog’s life.

Please contact the shelter directly. Please no PMs. Comments and PMs will not be seen by shelter employees.
Daviess County Animal Care and Control
Owensboro Ky
[email protected]

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  1. Don’t kill the dog.he has a right to live just like we do.I think killing an animal is VERY cruel.If need be send him to a kill free shelter.Have a deal on animals for example.wave the adoption fee or have a donation set up where people can donate to the shelter and adopt an animal.Thats how we do things here in Maine cause we care about our animals.Is he still there? If he is I will talk to a shelter here in maine to take him just so he can have a life that he deserves


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