Government officials warn Freedom Truckers that pets will be seized

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What began as a so-called “fringe minority” of truckers traveling in a convoy to Ottawa, Canada, has evolved into something much, much larger. The truckers and their freedom supporters have refused to leave Ottawa, prompting Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, to invoke the Emergencies Act.

And today, Ottawa By-Law issued a stark warning to the protestors…if you are arrested, we’ll take your dog and you might not get your pet back.

The Tweet has sparked a flurry of comments from others:

It is unclear what will actually happen to pets seized from protesters who are arrested…and if this might be the straw that breaks the convoy’s so-called back. The Freedom Truckers have faced challenges during their protest. GoFundMe seized over $10 million in donations – initially stating that they would donate the funds to non-profits of their choice, and quickly back-peddling to return the money to donors after receiving backlash.

The most recent fundraising platform, GiveSendGo, with millions in donated funds, has been shut down by the Canadian government, and donors have been warned that their bank accounts may be shut down if they are identified for financially supporting the freedom protesters. Despite the various roadblocks, the protesters have refused to back down – insisting that they will not leave until the mandates for Covid are dropped.

But now their pets are being threatened – will that bring an end to the occupancy? Time will tell.

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5 replies
  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Funny how one of the commenters called this bullying but has no reasoning that the truckers are bullying too. They are interrupting the lives of people who need to go to work that have to use the bridge. And their what a boutism BLM. BLM didn’t carry on for weeks and set up trucks, cars and tents, they marched for a few days and went home. As for pets being taken away, no they won’t be killed they’ll find new homes for the pets…
    Just get the jab and stop filling the hospitals with dying people. Vaccines save lives that’s why nearly no one who got the jabs has died.

    • Penny Eims says:

      Well, there was CHOP, Seattle’s “summer of love” event that involved a couple of murders, sexual assault, arson, vandalism and the total lockout of the local authorities. As well as Portland’s 100+ days of ongoing protests in 2020…lots of vandalism, fires and chaos.

      • Vicki Lind says:

        I’m still in shock!! I’m an American citizen and believe in the right to peaceful protest. From my way of thinking the truckers are peacefully protesting. I am vaccinated but feel it’s a personal choice. The Canadian government has gone crazy!! Any government officials willing to remove a pet as a means to make people do what they want is DISGUSTING, barbaric and reminiscent of Hilter! I am an average person who now feels compelled to help the truckers and their pets. Any ideas? I never, ever, would have thought I would view Trudeau as such a disgusting human being. 😡

      • Cheryl Hanna says:

        Please read the article. The authorities are saying if there is no one to take care of your pets while you are protesting and you have not made arrangements to have someone care for them, they will be taken to local animal shelters and the owner will be charged for the pet’s upkeep. What happens after a certain amount of time is unclear. I’m not taking sides either way, but for the benefit of the pet, what if the dog/cat etc. are home alone and not being cared for? Just sayin’

  2. Connie P says:

    Radical leaders never bring good. Where are the animal lovers who should stand up for these pets? Too bad I’m so far away because I’d take them all and care for them free of charge until their owners picked them up or had family members pick them up. That’s the difference between having a heart and caring about something more than oneself. Shame on Canada.


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