Five-month-old puppy who likely chewed his leg off to free himself from steel trap slowly recovering

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In a rural Houston area, Blondie, a five-month-old puppy went missing from his home. After ten days, he reappeared – half of his leg was missing. Blondie is now in the care of ThisIsHouston, and although he is reported to be slowly healing from the traumatic injury, his recovery continues to be an uphill battle.

According to Blondie’s owner, the puppy and his dad (dog) had gone rabbit hunting one afternoon; the dad was killed in a different deadly snare trap. It is thought the puppy became stuck in another steep trap and chewed his leg off to free himself. He was able to find his way home, and Blondie’s owner reached out to ThisIsHouston for help.

Blondie was taken to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital. His examination revealed he also has damage to his teeth consistent with chewing on a steel trap and will need to see a dental specialist after he is discharged from the emergency room.

His leg was infected with bone exposure and maggots were present. What’s remaining will need to be amputated, but they’ve been working on rehydrating him and monitoring his bloodwork. He may need a blood transfusion but he’s resting comfortably, vitals are all normal and he’s eating well.

Facebook update from ThisIsHouston

Although the rescue organization would have preferred to return Blondie to his owner, there is some reservation that the environment is not safe for his return. The puppy’s previous owner will be kept updated, and Blondie will be receiving the best care available.

Donations to help Blondie are needed:

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Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

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