Favorite Boston Marathon pup Spencer the golden retriever undergoing chemo for malignant cancer

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In Holliston, Massachusetts, the therapy dog named Spencer who has become a favorite fixture at the Boston Marathon, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, however he is undergoing chemotherapy with the hopes of giving him more time with his family and friends.

Rich and Dorrey Powers posted on their Facebook page that 12-year-old Spencer had undergone his second chemotherapy treatment on Monday. The biopsy from his second surgery in December 2021, revealed the heartbreaking news.

We heard from the Doc last night but could not post while we tried to process it. Sadly the tumor was not benign. We are very grateful that it is not Hemangio Sarcoma which was our greatest fear and worst case scenario. Spencer has a rare Splenic Sona Sarcoma and it is terminal. Although it can be aggressive Spencer is VERY early and considered low grade. Removing the tumor and spleen was the best move we could have done. We are waiting for the doctor to discuss with the oncologist what if any options we have and what we can expect. The vet said as bad as this sounded it there was a lot of good about it and we can expect some quality time with him.

Dorrey Powers

Earlier in September 2021, Spencer had a 3.5 tumor removed, but was still able to attend the running of the Boston Marathon on October 11.

Since beginning chemo, Spencer has only had two bad days. Spencer is expected to be well enough to attend the Boston Marathon which is scheduled to occur in April 2022. The family fights back tears knowing their time is limited, but try to keep in mind every day that Spencer is here and doing well. His health and how he feels will always be the family’s first priority.

We are constantly reminding ourselves HE IS STILL HERE there will be plenty of time for tears later. We love him more than can be measured and will continue to treasure him. What’s next for Spencer? Spencer is recovering wonderfully and he is strong right now. (wants to run and grabs his frisbee every chance he can.) We will live every day as we have been until he can not any longer.

Dorrey Powers

According to WcvbNews, Spencer has become quite the fixture for the race, and every year he has been a welcome sight near Ashland State Park holding his “Boston Strong” flag in his mouth.

His owners are now raising funds for golden retriever cancer research through the Morris Animals Foundation.

Keep fighting Spencer.

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