Family’s elderly dog escaped from his home yet animal services in Abilene euthanized him within 20 hours breaking the owner’s heart

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In a heartbreaking situation on Saturday in Abilene, Texas, a dog owner posted their elderly dog as lost in one of the local lost and found groups on social media. His dog, named Lucky was older; he didn’t walk very well, and he was incontinent. Still, Lucky’s owners loved their dog and just wanted help finding him and bringing him home.

Our old boy Lucky got out sometime this afternoon in the Wylie area near Sam’s Club. He’s older and has a hard time moving around so we’re hoping he didn’t get far. He’s got a collar but isn’t chipped.

Lucky’s owner

Tragically, the worst that could happen to Lucky happened. The City of Abilene Animal Services euthanized the dog – not even 20 hours after he was listed as missing and picked up by animal control. The shelter stated they assumed the dog had been hit by a car and euthanized him.

In Texas, city and county governments decide how many days a stray animal will be held after it is captured. Animals are usually held for a minimum of 3 working days to give owners a chance to claim their lost pets. If a dog is found to be severely injured, state law may allow immediate euthanasia of the animal.

As for Lucky’s particular situation, animal rescuers and dog owners alike want to know why animal services couldn’t have waited a day or two to give his owner a chance to come forward and find him? Other dogs and cats have been brought into the City of Abilene Animal Services with injuries and broken bones, and still they are given pain medication pending their families coming in to claim them. Is it no one wanted to be bothered with “just another old dog”?

Within 24 hours, Lucky’s family had arrived at the shelter to reclaim their dog.

After a source spoke to Lucky’s family I found out that Lucky’s mom went to the shelter this morning when they opened and was told he was killed! There were no calls, no emails, nothing to Lucky’s family to notify them or ask their permission to kill Lucky.


Be a voice for Lucky. Be respectful when writing, but ask for a change in management and a better, more humane process handling lost dogs. So they get old … live long enough, and we will all get old.

We are sorry Lucky that your family couldn’t be with you. How scared you must have been.

Email the City, call the City at 325 676 6200 or email the Mayor.

The email addresses are:[email protected]

Mayor Anthony [email protected]

Place 1 Shane [email protected]

Place 2 Lynn [email protected]

Place 3 Donna [email protected]

Place 4 Weldon W [email protected]

Place 5 Kyle [email protected]

Place 6 Travis [email protected]

[email protected]

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