Family of missing dog on Hilton Head have offered their Corvette as reward to get Marley back home

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A Cobb County, Georgia family has offered a $4,000 reward plus a Corvette as a reward for the safe return of their beloved dog Marley. The four-year-old Whippet mix has been missing since September while the family vacationed in Hilton Head when Marley ran away.

She ran probably 3 miles down the beach down towards South Forest, came out towards the Marriott and has pretty much been missing since.

Derek Kirchner

Derek and Alex Kirchner adopted Marley four years ago from the Cherokee Humane Society, and the adorable pooch has since become a special part of the family. All they want is to get her home safe and sound. For weeks the family searched for her, and while the rest of the family returned home, Derek refused to give up and stayed to continue the search.

According to a Facebook page, Bring Marley Home Lost Dog, Derek gets up in the morning and rides his bike around the area searching for Marley and putting up posters wherever he can. He also has trail cams set up in the last area Marley had been seen.

And now five months later, the family is hoping a large reward of $4,000 plus Derek’s prized car, a 2016 Z51 Corvette Stingray might help bring his best pal home. The only caveat to getting the car however, is that person must provide proof that they have had Marley before January 25 and kept her; the car is being used as a reward to entice someone to return the dog who had previously not planned on doing so.

If someone walked up to me right now and they had Marley and said I’ll give you the dog if I can have the car … I would walk away happy with my dog,” Derek told Fox5Orlando.

Fox News

There is just no way Derek is giving up. The search for Marley continues:

I can’t wait to see everyone at Carolina Coffee & Crumbs this morning! I will be there a little before 10! Come meet and mingle with Team Marley! Free coffee and pastries for Marley Parade Attendees! Bring Marley Home – Lost Dog – Hilton Head SC


Anyone who sees Marley is advised not to approach her or call her name as that might scare her and prompt her to run away. Instead, please call 404.444.0569 and please keep an eye on her where she goes.

Bring Marley home. Never give up hope.

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