Family dog could be put to death after biting off toe of man who aggressively attacked pup

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A Staffordshire bull terrier named Buma may be sentenced to death in Berlin, Germany after biting off the toe of the man who tried to kick him as the dog begged for food from the dining room table.

According to, Buma had been staying with the dog owner’s friends and another friend Steve S, whose full name has been disclosed, during the Christmas holidays, became angry when Buma started begging for some of Steve’s pizza. Steve grabbed the dog and tried to pull him away when Buma turned and nipped the man on his cheek. Steve became irate after looking in the mirror and realizing the dog had drawn blood, and then approached the dog to kick him, but the dog instead bit off the man’s big toe.

Steve was rushed to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, however the man’s big toe was no where to be found. What remained of his toe had to be amputated.

It didn’t seem as if Steve garnered much sympathy. Authorities who reported to the home after the incident were easily able to play with Buma; who did not act aggressive at all. A neighbor said it was Steve’s own fault and no one should kick a dog.

Unfortunately, Buma could be sentenced to death for protecting himself from a mean kick. Buma has since been removed from his home and will be evaluated as to his disposition. It is possible he could be turned over to a new owner or he may be euthanized.

Buma’s owner could also face consequences as local laws state that dogs listed as dangerous breeds must be solely cared for by their owner and not given to anyone else’s care at any time.

A petition has been created in the hopes of finding a new and responsible owner for Buma.

(Photo via screenshot by Newsflash)

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