Emaciated senior dog receiving care after being found as stray in NJ

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Paterson, NJ – An elderly dog, clearly neglected, is receiving love and care for perhaps the first time in her life. The skeletal boxer mix, dubbed Wilma, was picked up as a stray and taken to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge before being transferred to an emergency veterinarian for care.

According to the animal welfare agency, Wilma weighs just 22 pounds and she was covered in diarrhea when she was first discovered. Despite her pitiful condition, Wilma is described as “super sweet,” albeit weak and frightened. On Tuesday, the agency said:

Wilma was extremely hungry and thirsty upon rescue, and SO incredibly grateful to her rescuers. Our vet came to RBARI to immediately examine this special girl and take her back to the hospital, where she will undergo diagnostics and medical care to determine whether there is an underlying cause, or if this case is what we fear – neglect and starvation.

On Wednesday morning, the group said that Wilma is hospitalized and undergoing testing. They write of her various maladies:

Upon her initial exam, Wilma was found to have a faint heart murmur, thickened back knees and arthritis, but otherwise the exam was unremarkable, outside of her very obvious advanced state of starvation. She is currently at the hospital undergoing diagnostics including xrays, bloodwork, urinalysis and a fecal to rule out serious illness or obstruction.

The initial findings suggest that Wilma was slowly, and intentionally starved. Nobody knows who is responsible for her dismal condition, but she is now safe and getting the care that she needs. You can follow Wilma’s progress and/or make a donation, at this link to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge‘s Facebook page.

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