Dumped in an industrial area two scared pups loyally waited for their owners to return

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In Vernon, California, just five miles south of Los Angeles, two dogs were spotted being abandoned just three days ago. It was the usual – the vehicle stopped, pushed them out of the car and quickly disappeared into the night. Meanwhile the two scared dogs waited and laid besides an old box spring. No surprise here – their owner never returned.

And there the two waited. They were so scared, so matted and so hungry. The area was a dead end street in an industrial area. What were the chances of the dogs finding help?

Suzette Hall and her network of rescuers arrived and set two humane traps. One of the dogs entered the trap immediately; he was so hungry and then so relieved, however the other dog wanted nothing to do with the traps or his would be rescuers.

And so they waited nearly two hours with the one dog in the trap, and the open trap next to it. Every time the other dog would approach, any slight noise startled him and he ran away, but he would eventually come back to be by the side of his friend.

Fortunately, the industrial area was full of people who genuinely wanted to help and they also tried to lure the dog to a spot where he could be safely captured. And so everyone helped to pick up the trap the one dog was in and carried it to the back of the yard where the other dog could more easily be safely trapped. That dog was so worried about his friend that he followed everyone carrying the cage.

We had someone at the front ready to close the gate when we got him all the way to the back. And thank God it worked. We got him under a car and I was able to get my snappy snare around him. I can’t even tell you the happiness I felt when they were both finally safe. We got him into my other trap and finally finally safe.

He wasn’t leaving his friend’s side and I wasn’t giving up on him or leaving his side.

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Both dogs are now safe. Many thanks to Suzette Hall and her brave volunteers helping the most helpless.

Never give up Rescued in loving memory of my angel

#LH29 Forever a eagle 🦅 Joshua 1:9

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