Dog jumped into owners’ arms after being rescued from 30-foot well

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A dog in Ponce De Leon, Florida, jumped into his owners’ arms after a team of firefighters rescued him from a 30-foot deep well. The large pitbull mix had fallen into the deep well and nobody knew about it until someone noticed that the plywood that normally covers the well opening was missing.

Jody Cockrell, who owns the well, tells My Panhandle how the dog was discovered:

“We went and got a flashlight out of the vehicle and we came in here and sure enough we could see him down at the bottom of the well.”

Cockrell reached out to get assistance for the trapped dog. On January 7, the Ponce de Leon Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Facebook page wrote:

History was made for Ponce de Leon Volunteer Fire & Rescue today.
Holmes Dispatch recieved a call at 11:40 am today regarding a dog falling into a 30 ft dry well.

Fire Chief Doug Remmel actually descended into the well to secure the pup and pull him out. The dog was ecstatic to see people, and be free. Remmel said, “as we got closer to the dog he seemed real happy to see somebody and was ready to get out of the hole.” Describing the sense of satisfaction for saving the dog and getting him back to his family:

“You know they’ve been missing their dog for we heard about a week, and to be able to bring it back to them and the dog being ok, it was an amazing feeling to see the dog run around and happy.”

After the dog was saved, the volunteer fire department said:

Our department has trained on rope rescue for the past three years with several of our members being low and high angle rope rescue certified. We are happy to report this call had a great outcome and the top of the well has been covered and will be fully covered and secured by several of our members within the next few days.

Watch the video footage at this link to

(screenshots from MyPanhandle video)

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