Dog dumped at North Carolina shelter after owners said their pup was ‘gay’

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A friendly 50-pound dog named Fezco who loves people and other pets, found himself homeless and dumped at the Stanly County Animal Protective Services after his owners said he was “gay” because he had been humping another male dog. His owners said the dog’s behavior wasn’t acceptable.

According to WccbCharlotte, the five-year-old dog needs a foster home for Fezco until he is adopted.

Mounting or “humping” can be a perfectly normal behavior for dogs and is not any indication of a dog’s sexuality. According to the ASPCA, puppies often hump their littermates, people and toys until they are mature. It is not unusual either if the behavior continues even after they are neutered or spayed. Humping can also be a social status or control behavior for some dogs.

Scientists have observed same sex behavior in elephants, giraffes, dolphins, penguins and even lions. Since it doesn’t help the species to reproduce or survive, the behavior has been described as an “evolutionary paradox.”

It is not known if Fezco has been placed in a temporary home. To apply to adopt, please click here or call the Stanly County Animal Shelter at (704) 986-3881.

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