Dog broke out of a kennel when his owners were on vacation and found his own way home

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In Johnson County, Kansas, a five-year-old pooch named Dexter had been left with a pet service while his owners, Sarah and Jeremy Henson left on a vacation to Las Vegas last week.

According to Fox News, Dexter escaped from the kennel and found his way home which was about two miles away. The owners of the kennel stated the dog had jumped over a six-foot fence to escape.

It was the doorbell camera that alerted his owners to movement on their front porch on Wednesday evening, and when they checked the video footage, they saw their dog whimpering and trying to scratch the door to get into his home. The Hensons tried to comfort their dog over the doorbell camera’s app while someone from the kennel came over to their home to take him back to the dog sitting service.

Sarah Henson told news media that Dexter is used to being on long walks which likely made him familiar with the area and able to find his way home. In the past, however Dexter had been at the same facility with no problem, but used to have his older brother with him, and the two entertained each other and kept each other company while their humans were away. Since that time, Dexter’s companion had passed on, and Dexter must have been very lonely and just wanted to go home.

Dexter is fine, and surely was very happy when his owners returned.

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