Discarded like trash, former breeding dog has little time left

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A Doberman pinscher, used for breeding and then discarded like trash, has a short period of time remaining in her life. The dog, named Petra, is only five years of age, but she has been neglected and denied veterinary care and now she has advanced heart failure caused by heartworms. According to Georgia’s Animal Ark Rescue, Petra is in hospice care and she is surrounded by people who are determined to love and spoil her for the remainder of her days.

In a social media post, the animal welfare agency explained how she came to be in their care:

We pulled Petra last Friday from Animal Control. She was not able to get up and we could tell that she had been bred over and over again without proper veterinarian care. This could have been prevented with heart worm prevention, but she was discarded like trash, now that she cant make money for the people anymore.

And how they intend to show her that she is loved for what remains of her life:

While we cant change the outcome for her, we can change the last few weeks that she has. She’s not in pain right now and loves to eat.
Petra will receive hospice care here with us, not in a kennel but in the back office, surrounded by love and many treats. If you would like to bring her McDonald Burgers or any other brand you are welcomed.

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