Devastated woman says her dog died on a Southwest Airlines flight

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A woman is mourning the loss of her dog, who she says died on a Southwest Airlines flight after she was prevented from taking him out of his carrier. Courtney Cipar’s French bulldog, Charlie, died on December 21 reports TMZ. Cipar claims that her dog was having problems breathing, but when she tried to remove him from his carrier, an airline crew member refused to let her, allegedly even threatening to “turn the plane around” if she didn’t comply.

Charlie (via screenshot TMZ)

Charlie could be heard struggling to breathe, and his owner said that she told the crew that he would die if she couldn’t help him, but they allegedly held firm and would not let her remove him from his carrier. Though a necropsy has not been performed, Cipar believes that her dog overheated inside of the carrier, causing his death.

Charlie’s owner has retained a lawyer to sue the airline for “pain and suffering,” and she wants the attendant who refused to let her remove the dog from his carrier fired. A spokesperson for the airline told TMZ:

“We are disheartened to learn about the passing of this Customer’s pet and have been in contact with her to learn more. Tens of thousands of Customers travel with cats and dogs every month on Southwest. While onboard the aircraft, pets must remain in their well-ventilated carriers at all times for the comfort and safety of fellow Customers.”

(Screenshot of Charlie via TMZ screenshot)

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  1. dianne says:

    i have one thing to say – had that been my little baby girl – a beautiful Maltese – the funeral of my puppy would have many southwest airlines personnel caskets along with it
    thats some serious sh….t when you hurt a persons dog. they would have to kill me first


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