Couple rescue ‘forbidden kitty’ that turned out to be a bobcat

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A New Hampshire couple rescued an unusual tiny orphaned visitor that turned out to be a bobcat kitten. Oops! Photos shared on Reddit by user u/Doustin garnered viral status quickly with nearly 2,000 comments.

Came home from a walk and saw this guy at our stairs.

@uDoustin Reddit

According to Newsweek, the couple brought the kitten inside of their home concerned it was having a medical problem. When it hissed, it was obvious it wasn’t enjoying being handled, Doustin’s wife, Courtney brought it some food. The kitten was not interested, and it wasn’t long before they realized this wasn’t an ordinary kitten – at all.

COUPLE WHO RUSHED TO OUR DOOR THIS MORNING: We have an emergency! This kitten ran up on our back deck. We need emergency placement!

US: You know that’s a bobcat kitten, RIGHT?!

True Rescue

The Millstone Wildlife Center, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the state of New Hampshire, picked the kitten up. Most likely the mother was gone, but the tiny male bobcat is expected to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild next Spring. It is estimated he is only about seven-weeks-old, weighs 2.5 pounds; and he will be raised to remain wild so he can be released back to where he belongs

Adult bobcats average 19-22 inches and weigh 27 pounds.

As for the Reddit readers, the adorable little guy, no matter how hissy he looked, everyone fell in love with him. “Ignore logic. Embrace forbidden kitty,” one user joked.

(Photos via u/Doustin)

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