Couple horrified to find dead animals, including dog, cat, deer and fox, on walk

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A Bend, Oregon, couple was horrified to find multiple dead animals on their walk in the Badlands Wilderness on Monday evening. As reported by KTVZ News, Sampson Sansgaard and Tonya Ross said that their nightly walk was destroyed when they came upon the dumped bodies of a pregnant doe, a cat, a young pit bull, and a fox. The couple said that the animals weren’t there the night before, and they could see fresh tire tracks nearby indicating that someone dropped the bodies off.

Ross told the news agency:

“It’s very sad, and it’s disturbing.”

Sansgaard added:

“I was sobbing. That didn’t need to happen to them.”

The couple reported what they found to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the agency then informed the Oregon State Police. No word on whether or not an investigation has been opened.

Watch the interview here.

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  1. Very sad situation, especially for the families of the dog and cat who will always wonder what happened to their pet……… no closure………

    I just hope it’s not a serial killer practicing (& planning on graduating to humans soon)……..

  2. I live in the country, and have found many animals dogs obviously and cats.
    Several of our mousers came up missing almost on some kind of schedule.
    We’ve rescued\saved many lost or abandoned animals , but those who disappeared, one girl was still breast feeding her kittens….,
    I don’t know what happens but I will find out.


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