Couple cited after taking a baby deer to Walmart

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A couple in Georgia was cited after being spotted in the dog food aisle of a Grovetown, Walmart with a baby deer. As reported by the Ledger-Enquirer, Walmart employees, concerned for the baby deer’s welfare, reached out to wildlife officials about the situation.

By the time a Department of Natural Resources game warden arrived at the store, the couple was gone. After reviewing security footage, and locating a company logo on the man’s shirt, the couple was tracked down in Appling, Georgia, thanks to assistance from the company.

The couple told wildlife officials that their dogs had brought the deer into their yard, and they decided to take care of it. The baby was just a week old and weighed in at a mere 3 pounds.

The deer was removed from the couple’s home and taken to St. Francis Animal Hospital in Augusta for care. Wildlife officials want the public to know that it is illegal to keep deer as pets and advise concerned residents to reach out to wildlife authorities for help if they are concerned about the well-being of a wild animal.

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