Couple charged with cruelty: 88 alive and 40 dead animals found in filthy home

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Two people in Omaha, Nebraska, are facing felony animal cruelty charges after a gruesome discovery was made at their residence. As reported by KETV News, Omaha police discovered numerous animals who were “living in poor conditions and in various stages of neglect” at a home near N. 45th Street and Burdette streets. The couple tied to the neglectful/abusive situation are identified as Tramaine Thomas, 35, and Sierra Lang, 30.

An officer had been called out to the residence to investigate a domestic disturbance. While there, the officer discovered animal feces throughout the home and numerous animals who were clearly neglected

After securing a search warrant, investigators with the Nebraska Humane Society found 40 dead animals at the residence, in addition to 88 animals who were alive, but in poor condition. A pot-bellied pig was in the worst health, with sunken eyes, overgrown hooves, and prominent bones; the pig had to be humanely euthanized.

Investigators found cages and a chest freezer containing “mostly decomposed” remains. The deplorable situation has resulted in 32 misdemeanor charges, in addition to the felony animal abuse charge.

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