Cat found hiding in donated recliner has been reunited with his family

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When a family had been in the process of moving and donated their old recliner to the Denver ARC Store, they had no idea their cat had climbed inside of the chair.

On New Year’s Eve, the Denver Animal Protection received a call from the thrift store that a family moving out of the area had donated the recliner, but strangely enough there was a cat huddled up inside of the chair. The staff at the store were concerned and reached out to the DAP for help.

Animal Protection Officer Jenna Humpreys responded to the call from employees who said they had heard meowing coming from the chair right after the furniture had been dropped off. The friendly feline was lured out, but even though she had a microchip, the officer was not able to contact the owners because the information had not been updated.

In the same parallel universe however, the cat’s family had frantically been looking for their feline friend, and had been completely blindsided that the cat named Montequlla had chosen to hide in the chair.

The family called the thrift shop when they figured out that was where Montequlla must have been left and were put in touch with Officer Humpreys. The family was soon reunited, and everyone is fine.

We are so happy for the ending to this story and are thankful to everyone involved in getting this sweet cat home safely.

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