California woman’s ‘dead dog’ found alive in a Kansas quarry

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A California woman was reunited this month with a dog who she believed had been dead for years. The dog, a senior Chihuahua named Jazzy, was discovered in a rock quarry in Cedar Vale, Kansas, and her finders brought her to the Cowley County Humane Society to be scanned for a microchip.

The animal shelter writes:

We scanned and found a chip but the chip was registered in California. We were doubtful we could find the owner. We still attempted contact to find out the owner had moved to Salina two years ago.

Explaining why Jazzy’s owner believed that her dog had died:

In the moving process, she had asked someone to watch her. They told her the dog had died, then cut off contact.

Jazzy’s owner immediately drove from California to Kansas and a joyous reunion ensued. Microchips are invaluable!!

Watch the video of the reunion here.

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The dog is smarter than the owner!

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