Brave dog sustains fatal injuries fighting off mountain lion who stalked kids

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A family in Idaho Springs, Colorado, is hailing their dog Lady a hero after she bravely took on a mountain lion who was stalking kids playing outside of their home on June 14. As reported by CBS 4 News, Lady, a pit bull/Chihuahua mix, saw the big cat slinking up a fenceline near a playset where the Havens family’s kids were playing.

Virginia Havens tells the news agency how Lady reacted after seeing the mountain lion near the kids:

“Lady was doing her thing, barking, you know, posturing for defense and she took off the opposite direction here just to circle back to get momentum for her charge.”

Though Lady was small in stature, she didn’t hesitate to charge the huge cat, who was estimated to be 6 feet long. But Lady’s courage came at a cost; the big cat picked her up in its jaws and didn’t drop her until the police shot at it with non-lethal rounds.

Lady ran free, but the cat’s teeth had savaged her body – after being taken to a veterinarian, the Havens family learned that the injuries were too severe and they were forced to say goodbye.

Virginia Havens commented on her faithful dog’s courage:

“If she had not been there we would have had a completely different type of tragedy… she was absolutely our hero,”

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  1. I went to the link and watched the video. A pit bull/chihuahua mix a two dog combo, one that protects and the other that doesn’t know how small she really is. I posted over at American Humane that even though the 2022 Hero dogs nominations are closed I thought they should give little Lady a honorable mention because she gave the last full measure to protect her human children. And here I am crying again. She gave her life and took on a 6 foot wild cat to protect her children. Rest in Peace little Lady you are a hero.


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