Beloved rescue dog electrocuted on street in Brooklyn

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It happened on a Brooklyn sidewalk; a beloved rescue dog out for her walk “started screaming bloody murder and yelping” after she padded over a live electrical plate and died.

According to AbcNews, the Great Dane/Boxer mix named Lala had been out on a routine walk on Monday evening at Bell Slip near Commercial Street in Greenpoint. The metal plate Lala walked over, also shocked a Good Samaritan, who tried to help the dog. The plate had been installed by a customer who had removed a lamp post. The dog walker was not injured, however the person who tried to help was taken to the hospital.

Lida Bilokur, Lala’s owner is devastated, and stated that a friend had taken Lala out on her walk and when it happened had screamed for help for the dog as she apparently suffered a heart attack from the voltage. Another woman rushed to the dog’s aid and began administering CPR, but it was to no avail.

The dog was rushed to the veterinary clinic where she was administered two doses of Epinephrine, but it was too late for Lala. Her owner had been out having dinner when she was notified and rushed to the scene where she saw the plate was still there. It has since been replaced by two wooden plates.

It has been determined the winter storm caused an underground electrical wire to be exposed to snow and salt – causing it to become charged under the metal plate. The City and Con Edison have since addressed and repaired the area.

Rest in peace Lala.

(Photo: Screenshot via ABC News video)

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