Animal rescuer reaches out for help finding bonded dogs new home when owner can no longer care for them

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In East Tennessee, the owner of two bonded dogs reached out for help placing Bonnie and Clyde. Their owner is no longer able to care for the dogs and wants them to be in a loving home.

Bonnie and Clyde’s story starts here:

I obtained Bonnie and Clyde while on patrol one night answering a call. I approached an intersection with traffic backed up and saw them in the middle of the intersection playing. I got out to get them and they jumped in my unit. I was retiring in a few weeks so I put them in boarding then brought them with me when I retired.


The dogs’ owner fondly remembers the adventures:

Fedx delivered to me and Clyde boarded his truck and ate his snack. Fedx just laughed and he and Bonnie and Clyde have been friends ever since.


How about these visits?

I’ve taken them both to the bank before where they always go inside and place their paws on the teller’s desk as though they are robbing the place so the tellers give them treats.



Clyde helped the painter paint one day which he wore most of the paint. Bonnie watched and brought snacks to them. Too many adventures to mention.


The dogs make themselves at home wherever they go. They go outside for their bathroom habits, but prefer being indoors. They don’t like the cold and wear sweaters. They don’t like the heat either, so in the summer prefer the comfort of air conditioning.

If I put a collar on them, Clyde chews Bonnie’s collar off and Bonnie chews Clyde’s collar off. Guess they’re telling me then don’t like collars.


The dogs are both very sensitive and loving. They are used to a calm household with lots of love. Their manners at home are impeccable. They love meeting people and sitting or lying beside them. They don’t jump up on people.

They are completely house trained, do not require crating or kenneling. You can leave them out when you’re not home and things will be ok when you return. They sleep together, eat together and drink together. They are very dependent on each other and have NEVER been apart or spent a minute apart. They NEVER had a fight or crawled at each other. Always loving to each other and caring.


Both Bonnie and Clyde love car rides and walks on their leashes. They have no health issues and are accustomed to being groomed and having pedicures. They love their beds – especially cleaned and smelling from Downy Fabric Softener.

The two get along with other dogs and act very submissive. They do not like cats, rabbits and or squirrels.

It is important to also note that both dogs do like to chew and only chew on split feet antlers that can be ordered from Amazon. The dogs, however do not get into the trash or chew on the furniture.

Bonnie and Clyde need to be adopted together. If you can help please contact Parker at 423.278.4622. Please share their story.

(Bonnie is 10 and weighs 65 pounds. Clyde is 8 and weighs 75 pounds)

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