Amazing survival! Dog lives through terrifying mountain lion attack

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Steve and Tammy Miller took their dog, Karley, on a hike in Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon on Jan. 19 when the unthinkable happened. Karley’s tether broke and an opportunistic mountain lion grabbed her. The couple feared the worse after seeing their 65 lb dog lifeless in the big cat’s mouth. Steve told Fox 10 News:

“I seen my dog in this thing’s mouth. Her tongue out, it was limp. Most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen,”

The couple screamed – trying to stop the attack, but the mountain lion ran off, with their dog in its mouth. They searched the area for hours, reported what happened to park officials, and finally returned home, assuming that Karley was gone forever.

Imagine their shock when a park ranger called them later that same day to let them know that Karley was alive, and miraculously, not seriously injured! Someone found the frightened dog near Oak Creek. Wildlife officials have said that the mountain lion may have been young and inexperienced at hunting, or old and weak. Whatever it was, Karley survived what seemed unsurvivable and now she is back home with her family.

(Screenshots via Fox 10 News)

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  1. I am happy for the dog, that it was not harmed. If it had been a Pit Bulldog. The outcome would be very disastrous. Pit Bulldogs are always in the news, attacking and killing small dogs, and chasing people to harm them. Why are Pit Bulldogs attacking and chasing people of late? The Pit Bulldogs on U tube as people’s pets are sweet as sugar. I cannot figure out that breed of dog.


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