Abandoned pup at courthouse watched all the cars lined up hoping to find her family

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Early Friday morning, an abandoned pup went into panic mode trying to find her family. Of course, it isn’t known if she was purposely left behind or somehow lost her way, but she seemed to be watching every car lined up at the Compton Courthouse in Compton, California as if searching for the person she wanted to find.

As rescuer Suzette Hall rushed to get to the courthouse to save the frightened dog from harm, and the volunteer waited for help to capture her, the panicky dog ran up the steps of the courthouse to escape when she accidentally lost her footing and came careening down the two story building. And although she landed with a thud, she managed to get up and ran as fast as she could and hid under a car.

Mary was able to get a blanket. She was exhausted and in pain. She just arrived at the vet and is currently being examined and evaluated.

Suzette Hall

Check out the video as she arrives at the veterinarian as an emergency patient.


She is safe at my vet , poor baby went through so much Sadly , I always dread to ask but donations are going to be needed. We will get her everything he needs We will start with X-rays; don’t know yet about her injuries Please help if you can , you are so appreciated.

Donations can be made directly to my vet:

M-F 7 am – 6 pm Camino Pet Hospital 949-559-1404 Under Logan’s Legacy29 Or Venmo, PayPal or Zelle: ALL donations are transferred directly to my vet Venmo:@Suzette-Hall-3PayPal or Zelle:Suzettehall525@abrahamfortney

Suzette Hall

This is a developing story. More updates to follow.

(Photos and video via Suzette Hall)

Rescued in loving memory of my angel


Forever a eagle 🦅 Joshua 1:9

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