A New Year Day’s arrival for Bridgett whose owners no longer had time nor the means to care for her

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What a way to start the new year. Bridget’s owners decided to rehome her for many reasons including not having enough time for her and not being able to afford her veterinary care. No matter what Bridget’s family tried to do to help her itching, pain, bleeding and hair loss, none of the home remedies worked.

And so Bridget’s owner decided to reach out for help and posted a plea on social media to do what was best for their dog. Not long after, Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform became Bridget’s new family. Within minutes, a volunteer from the rescue offered to foster Bridget, and soon she was scooped up into their car and transported directly to the veterinarian for an examination and immediate care.

Within an hour, the friendly pooch was diagnosed, feeling better and on her way to her new foster home for soothing medications and of course some treats.

I was a mess, bloody, in pain and the skin was flying off of me. Without funds, they can not help dogs like me on a minute’s notice. These ladies are a well-oiled machine. They make things happen.

Dallas Dog RRR Facebook

Bridget is feeling much better now, and has updated her health information. Her bubble bath, medicated shampoo and delicious treats have all been new experiences.

My foster mom gave me a bath man that lady … cleaned parts of my wrinkles that have not seen the light of day in years. She went deep between my toes the water was brown from the dirt and the dried blood that in on my skin. She scrubbed and scrubbed my whole body in the tub… I am starting to feel so much better even though she is a bit overbearing I really like this lady.

Bridget on Facebook Dallas Dog RRR

To top off the first perfect day of Bridget’s new life, she was given a teddy bear to cuddle with and warm blankets to snuggle. We know Bridget is already enjoying her new life.


FOSTER ADOPT Website – www.dallasdogrrr.org/donate

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