13 year old dog who spent her entire life on a chain outside has been freed

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In Hockessin, Delaware, a 13-year-old dog named Sammy Girl spent her entire life chained outdoors. She lived under a tree with a dog house, but never seemed to feel comfortable in it, and would tightly tuck herself into a hole she dug under the nearby shed. It was cooler in the summer and a warmer spot in the winter amid the snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

Sammy Girl has never been off her chain.

Because she’s always lived chained, she is not housetrained and has never walked on hardwood floors or carpets. Initial communication with the owners resulted in them strapping down her bowls which would often tip over. Sammy Girl has never been around other animals.

Renee’s Rescues Inc

Sammy Girl’s owners know their dog deserves a better life and has agreed to surrender their dog to Renee’s Rescues. This poor pup has never slept in a dog bed or ever had a dog toy. Volunteers describe her as very sweet and craving attention, even though she has pressure sores on her body from lying in the dirt for years.

We are seeking a hospice home for her remaining time with NO OTHER ANIMALS. She never had the opportunity to be socialized. With her age and possible health ailments, a home where she can soak up all the overdue love is ideal. We’re a foster-based rescue group in Delaware.

Renee’s Rescue Inc

In Sammy Girl’s latest update, a foster home has been procured temporarily. Sammy Girl will be beginning her socialization with slow, controlled introductions.

After 13 years living outside, Sammy Girl has just been UNCHAINED! 🎉🎉🎉She is heading to Animal Veterinary Center for her official intake exam and will sleep on a dog bed tonight for the first time in her life.

Renee’s Rescue FB page

Renee’s Rescues are a foster-based rescue group in Delaware. Please consider sharing this post so she has a chance to be a family member in the end.

Link to Foster App: https://reneesrescues.org/forms/foster-care-application/ “Sammy Girl”www.reneesrescues.org

Hockessin, Delaware

Sammy Girl’s first toy.

Updates to follow.

(Photos via Renee’s Rescues Inc)

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