Youths forced hedgehog to inhale marijuana smoke and then threw her into river

A gang of nasty teens forced a hedgehog, just out of hibernation, to inhale the smoke from marijuana and then threw the defenseless animal into the nearby river in Leicestershire, England.

According to the Leicestershire Live, the youths blew the smoke into a bag containing the female hedgehog before tossing her into the water at Memorial Gardens in Market Harborough on April 10. Witnesses hurried into the water to rescue the animal; one Good Samaritan kept the hedgehog safe overnight at her home until the RSPCA arrived and rushed the animal to a wildlife hospital.

The hedgehog is being cared for at the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital and received treatment to help her breathe in an incubator for days.

“We have discovered that she is blind in one eye. We don’t think this is in relation to the cruelty incident, so therefore she will remain in our care,” the hospital stated. “She was also covered in ticks, which we now have removed.”

Anyone with information as to the identities of the jerks who tortured this innocent animal is asked to contact the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.

(Photo screenshot via RSPCA)

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