Young woman makes plea for help after heartbreaking disappearance of her service dog ‘Benny’

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In Louisville, Ohio, a young woman in Summit County has made a desperate plea for help after her service dog “Benny” disappeared. Grace Kolich, 19, has a medical condition that can cause her blood pressure to suddenly drop; Benny is trained to detect and alert her before she passes out.

According to AbcNews5, once Benny alerted Grace, a student at Kent University, that her blood pressure was dropping, the woman would be able to lie down and put her feet up. Benny knows at least 200 commands and is obviously extremely intelligent, but Grace wanted her service dog to be a bit more social around other dogs and found Ohio Pet Resort who specialized in “world class training” in a great environment.

Tragically, after a four-week stay at the facility, her beloved 80-pound golden retriever disappeared. The owner and trainer at Ohio Pet Resort reported Benny missing on June 13, and said the dog had escaped through a gap in the fence post where he had been confined; the same day Grace was scheduled to pick her dog up and bring him home.

The Marlboro Township Police Department is investigating; a search warrant has been issued by the Stark County Court to search the property of Ohio Pet Resort. Benny is microchipped and if found can be identified.

Grace has filed a lawsuit demanding the return of her dog and damages in excess of $50,000.

Anyone with information on Benny, please contact the Stark County Dog Warden at 330.451.2343.

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  1. Yeah the dog just happen to disappear the same day she’s picking him up. How many of these so called training facilities have we seen kill dogs? Not buying it.


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