Young survivor – rescuers believe that puppy was held down and shot, but she survived

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A five-month-old puppy named Tessa managed to beat the odds when someone targeted her in a horrible act of cruelty. This week, the SPCA of Wake County shared Tessa’s miraculous story of survival, sharing the heartbreaking details in a post to Facebook.

The animal welfare agency writes:

Tessa’s veterinary assessment shocked us. The bullet fragments in this 5-month-old puppy’s leg and the injuries to her face suggest someone held her head down with their shoe as they pulled the trigger.

But Tessa survived and she is now safe. The SPCA of Wake County writes:

Our job now is to heal Tessa’s wounds and show her for the first time that people are a source of unconditional love.

You can help this North Carolina based animal shelter give Tessa all of the care that she needs by making a donation to them. You can donate directly through Facebook at this link.

Or through the shelter’s website which can be found at this link.


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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Those parents CAUGHT abusing their children and YOUR ELECTED JUDGES, SHERIFF, and OTHERS decided it was OK and did NOTHING to help those children. THIS is EXACTLY what we get when THOSE in position ARE LITERALLY derelict in their duty and YOU LOCALS DO NOTHING to NOTHING to OUST THEM. So when YOUR child or BELOVED animal becomes a TARGET of THAT abused/deranged child NOW an adult, LOOK in the MIRROR to SEE who’s the CAUSE of that attack. I’m presenting this with FACTS, STATISTICS and records from such calls and how they’re closed out. Think about THAT.


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