Young dog returned three days after being adopted is so sad he whimpered and refused to eat

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Pacho used to be a street dog in the area of Taranto, Italy. He would scavenge the sidewalks and the alleys searching for food. He would look up at the passersby and hope someone would look back at him and lean down to pet him or give him a scrap of food; anything from a human and anything just to feel some kindness.

And so it came to be, that the one-year-old dog, had been humanely trapped and brought to a kennel in Puglia where he had been living for the past few months. At the very least he had been fed and given veterinarian care, but could Pacho ever hope to find his very own home and a human to love him?

According to, there came the day when a family picked Pacho to be their very own. Yes, Pacho was going home, and everyone at the kennel including Pacho’s caretaker Erika Niccolai were ecstatic. It was a dream come true for a once unwanted street dog.

Tragically, the best laid plans of a rescue pup went awry; after three days the family decided they didn’t want Pacho. Once again, he was placed back into the same shelter cage where he had thought was just an old bad dream. He had no idea what and why this had happened, and how could anyone explain to him that it wasn’t his fault the people who he thought would love him, rejected him after only 72 hours?

Poor Pacho was so distressed he stopped eating, and it wasn’t long before he lost ten pounds. He used to play, and although he has always been shy, now it seems as if his joy of puppyhood and a better life to come has all but disappeared. Now he just stares out from his kennel cage and waits.

Sadly, Pacho’s story is no exception, and all we can do is to stress the importance of being ready to adopt a dog before heading out to the nearest shelter. Dogs are forever – if you make the commitment to have a dog – then make sure you are ready emotionally, physically and economically able to handle the responsibility. Never however forget the best part of having a dog by your side – they will love you unconditionally, and who doesn’t want a best friend.

We can only hope a new family comes to adopt Pacho, and we hope Erika Niccolai will continue to be his angel and help him.

(Photos via screenshots Zoorprendente)

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