Yorkie protects 10-year-old from being attacked by coyote

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A family in Toronto is hailing their tiny Yorkshire terrier as a hero after protecting her 10-year-old owner from an attacking coyote. Macy, the family’s six-year-old tiny pooch, pulled away from her leash to confront the attacking animal allowing the youngster time to escape.

According to Kmov4News, the child, Lily Kwan had been walking Macy in the Scarborough neighborhood where they lived when a coyote started to chase them. Lily started running away, however Macy refused to follow; Lily dropped the dog’s leash.

A neighbor’s security camera caught the action as Macy faced off with the coyote. The tiny pooch survived the confrontation and is being treated by veterinarians after suffering puncture bites from the wild animal. One of the bites became infected and required the dog to be hospitalized.

A GoFundMe page is asking for donations to help the dog.

Macy’s latest update:

“Macy’s tail wagged for a bit today when her pain medication kicked in and she was able to walk about for a bit. She’s taking her medication 6 times a day, so often she is very tired and sleeping. Her appetite isn’t quite back to normal yet, but that is expected. I am next to her at all times. At times she’s happy and other times she’s very quiet and sad. Not being able to go on walks is probably the most difficult thing for her right now. She doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed to walk for more than a few steps when she goes outside to do her business. My girl is strong and she will be back to her crazy self soon!

She’s on a leash so I have control of her movements at all times to prevent her from jumping on to furniture…”

Check out Macy’s video as the coyote chased them:




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Adorable baby beaver


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  1. This coyote must have been a ‘study animal’ or something. It was wearing a collar, wasn’t it? Glad everything turned out ok. No one loves you like your dog.

  2. Very happy that everyone is doing well!!!

    Just an FYI for the future: coyotes often snatch smaller dogs and cats to eat.
    All pets are indoor pets (even larger dogs).
    Best to NEVER let this precious treasure ever be outside alone.
    Always have her on a very short lead. Never out @ dawn or dusk.
    Until kids are over a certain age, accompanied by an adult on walks.
    Never leave pet food outside on patio.


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