‘Y’all don’t come, dog is gonna die’ message left for chained husky shot multiple times

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In Cleveland, Texas, an animal rescue group received a message on Thursday that said, “if y’all don’t come asap, he’s gonna die.” Photos of a chained, dirty and injured husky arrived shortly after. The dog had been found in a ditch away from his home and had been shot multiple times; he was no longer drinking or eating.

ThisIsHouston arrived early in the morning and found the dog chained up underneath a horse stable. His current owners described the dog as an outside pet along with four other dogs. Often the husky would “go away for days but come back but this time he didn’t.” The owners went looking for the dog and found him in a ditch near their house.

The owners didn’t know who to call; they didn’t have the money to take him to a veterinarian, but also didn’t want him to be taken to a shelter and euthanized. The dog had been shot several times in the legs and abdomen. He had been chained because he had apparently tried to escape, but he was in such poor condition, this boy wasn’t going anywhere.

“We named him Ozzy. Ozzy is alert but he’s very critical right now. He’s at

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

We paid a $1,200 triage fee and there’s lots of work that needs to be done, if Ozzy pulls through. He has maggots in his stomach wound and they’re unable to obtain his blood pressure. We will update once we know more,” the non profit organization posted on their social media page.

On Thursday evening, Ozzy’s condition had been assessed as follows:

“Upon being admitted to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists; they were unable to obtain a blood pressure reading. We were charged $1,200 to stabilize him which has already been used up. They placed an IV catheter and put him on fluids and pain medications.
He was too painful for them to assess his abdomen but they could see maggots in his stomach wounds. They were able to stabilize him, and his BP is now at 110. His heart rate came down and is stable now as well. They plan to do x-rays, an ultrasound, possibly a urinary catheter, some cultures and they want to sedate him to explore his wounds.”
Estimates for Ozzy’s care until Friday are $5,499 with an additional $2,400 – $3,100 per day, and that is if the dog remains in stable condition. It is hoped he can be transferred to Texas A&M on Friday.
Check out his video as volunteers showed up to rescue Ozzy.
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Updates to follow.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    “We don’t want him to be taken to the shelter where he’ll get vet care and don’t want him euthanized because WE WANT TO SEE JUST HOW BAD HE CAN BE MADE TO SUFFER”. I bet these demon freaks go to church every Sunday too, thinking they’re perfect Christians. NOT! God does NOT condone this and the FACT that you only read a PORTION of the bible passage describing how to seek forgiveness IS very TELLING indeed. Way to go Texans, YOU have OUTDONE your VICIOUS, SADISTIC ways of treating God’s creatures. ASTOUNDING, no wonder they still have an electrical grid from the 1950’s.

  2. Jan Barnes says:



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