Woman wrapped dogs in plastic and duct-tape, left them in car, but did not get charged

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A good Samaritan in St. Louis contacted the police after finding two dogs, wrapped in plastic and duct-tape, inside of a vehicle that was parked outside of a fitness club. As reported by KSDK News, the police dispatched the fire department to assist.

The good Samaritan who expressed concern for the dogs’ welfare is Rachele Bishop, and she was able to get video of what was happening as well. Firefighters who responded to the car found the dogs “wrapped up in plastic.” One of the dogs was beneath a stroller and the other was under the front seat. Both dogs had plastic and duct tape around them.

The owner of the dogs told the good Samaritan that she tapes her dogs up to prevent them from barking and chewing on themselves – despite leaving the dogs inside of the hot car for 40 minutes, and taping the dogs up, there were no charges issued and the woman was allowed to drive away with her pets.

Melanie Wade, a dog groomer, gave the news agency her thoughts on the situation:

“It’s a crime, and if you don’t think it is, let somebody duct tape you, your face, your legs and your hands and stuff you under the seat of a car for 45 minutes in the St. Louis heat in the summer.”

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