Woman who cared for newborn moose for days until another moose helped out

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A woman from Miramichi, New Brunswick cared for a baby moose for four days after the calf had been separated from its mother when spooked by a car.

According to  CbcNews, the baby was hungry and crying after having been separated from its mother. Margaret Williston said the baby continued crying  and pacing around her property, but when she notified the Department of Natural Resources, officials told her not to care for the calf, and that the only option would have been to euthanize the animal.

Even after Margaret contacted the Atlantic Wildlife Institute, a local rehab for displaced animals, there was nothing that could be done. She said she gave the calf some milk as a last resort because the baby wouldn’t stop crying.

The calf followed Margaret around the yard like a puppy and begged for attention and food.

On Sunday evening, Margaret and her husband led the baby moose to the creek where the mother had fled four days earlier. Hours later an adult moose appeared with another calf. When the lonely calf called to the adult moose, she responded.

“Finally, the baby left and went toward her and she kind of sniffed it all over and eventually let it suckle,” Margaret said. “We were left teary-eyed, but they were good tears.”

It is not known if the adult was the baby’s mom, but we all hope they live and thrive in the wild.

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