Woman tried to lure Asian man’s dog into busy street because he wasn’t leashed

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A video posted on Reddit went viral on social media this week. The footage recorded a woman in New York City trying to lure a dog out onto a busy highway because the pet was not leashed, and at the same time she told the owner to return to his “own country.”

The video begins with the woman complaining about the dog while another woman is defending the dog’s owner:

“Haven’t you heard of a leash in town?,” the first woman asks. “We’ll wait for the police to clear it up.”

The dog’s owner, who had been videoing the meeting, called the woman out as “Karen” and repeatedly asked her which country he should return to, but the woman doesn’t answer. Instead, she clapped her hands and tried to lure the dog out into the busy street forcing the man to chase after his pup.

Another spectator challenged the woman and berated her for trying to endanger the dog and for her obvious racist comment.

The video ends with the woman approaching a NYPD patrol car. What resulted is not known.

There were mixed reactions on Reddit ranging from distain for people not leashing their pets, however the racist remarks from the woman really angered most readers. The leash law in the city states leashes must be less than six feet and violators are subject to a fine of $200 to $400.

Check out the video:

(Photo screenshot via YouTube)
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