Woman says neighbor used glue traps on kittens – leaving them to die in the scorching heat

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A woman in Compton, California, is speaking out after kittens in her neighborhood were captured with a cruel glue trap and left to die in the heat. As reported by Fox 11 News, Pamela Crawford claims her neighbor is behind the killings, and that last week, one of the dying kittens was placed on her garbage can and left to die in the scorching heat.

She thinks that it will happen again, telling the news agency:

“She said she put the traps out with tuna on them.” Adding, “She said she’s going to kill more cats.”

The neighbor accused of killing the kittens denies any wrong-doing. Animal control has opened an investigation into the disturbing situation. According to social media posts one kitten died in the trap after it was placed on the garbage, another was taken to animal control and put down, and the mother cat is still in the area. People aware of what happened are worried about the cat’s safety.

(Images via screenshot/Facebook)

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    I pray God’s hand of Justice inspires the person who KNOWS the truth of what happened here to make an anonymous call and report the VILE THUG responsible.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Why would someone be this cruel and disgusting to helpless furbabies???

    I can’t understand how anyone could do this and like what they see in the mirror looking back at them…..

    It’s not necessary to kill feral cats. I know that they can be a problem and they do hunt small mammals and songbirds. I still have ethical issues with simply killing them because they exist…….

    TNR programs DO work for feral cats. There was a feral cat colony near my old home. My former neighbor and I would trap cats and get them fixed and then release them back into their colony. Their ears would be tipped so that it was clear to animal control that they were fixed. Sometimes a rescue group would take the really young kittens and adopt them out.

    My husband and I adopted 2 feral kittens and they were the best pets!!! They loved being part of our family???


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