Woman mauled by bear in family’s Lake Tahoe vacation home

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In King’s Beach, California, a lucky woman survived being mauled by a bear inside of the family’s Lake Tahoe vacation home. Laurel Rose Von Hoffmann-Curzi had been in the home when she heard loud noises from the kitchen over the weekend.

According to KcraNews, Hoffmann-Curzi walked into the kitchen, and there was a huge bear by the refrigerator. Suddenly the bear attacked, and all the woman could feel was this huge paw swiping at her and tearing her up. She fought back by throwing a quilt at the bear. It finally left by the front door – the same way he entered the home.

Screenshot of Hoffmann-Curzi via Yahoo News

Hoffmann-Curzi suffered injuries to her face, chest and arms, and admits she is very lucky to be alive.

“It was like in an instant, oh my gosh, this is a bear, and the next thing that happens is that I’m being torn apart.”

Hoffmann-Curzi told to Kpix-tv

At that point the woman’s husband and son woke up and helped to scare the bear away. The State Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating the attack and if they capture the bear, it will be killed. Unfortunately, bears are becoming more comfortable around people which is dangerous for both people and bears. And in the end, it is the fault of humans leaving food outside where bears can get it by not securing trash cans and/or keeping food in their vehicles.

Wild animals have just as much right to share the planet with humans. Stay away from them and keep them in the forests – stop feeding them and bringing them closer to neighborhoods where their lives will be needlessly be snuffed out.

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