Woman left in tears after neighbors left her nasty note she ‘shut up’ her 13-year-old deaf dog

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A woman from Blackpool, Lancs, a seaside resort in England, was left in tears earlier this week after her neighbors sent her a nasty note demanding she “shut up” her dog from barking while not at home.

“Please can you SHUT your DOG up???

Bark, bark, bark……

Every time you leave it ….not helped by you leaving your windows open.

As your neighbours we will now be reporting this as a noise issue to Blackpool Council.

if not, it will be reported to the RSPCA.

Your Neighbors


According to The Sun, Sarah Ogborne, 35, had been out of her home to pick up her eight-year-old son from school, and when she returned she found the note. It was signed by “your neighbors,” but Sarah is normally only gone for four minutes a day to meet one of her sons after school.

The dog being complained about is named Max, and he is 13-years-old, deaf, nearly blind and suffers from dementia. Max has been part of the family since he was just six-weeks-old, and the thought of someone taking away her dog because he barks for a few minutes a day, has Sarah very upset.

Sarah has lived in her home in Bispham for the last five years, and states there have never been any complaints about Max in the past. The elderly dog does suffer from separation issues, but that is why Sarah is only gone a short period of time from their home.

“When I’m home he doesn’t bark. When we’re out, he hates it. Because we’ve had the long lockdown and he’s used to us being in the house constantly, he goes into panic mode when the house is empty. He does bark then and I understand that can be annoying, which is why I limit my time out and I also take measure to make sure he can’t really be heard.”

Sarah Ogborne

Sarah just can’t understand why someone is being so heartless and doesn’t understand why the neighbor didn’t have the decency to come to her directly. Sarah is friends with her neighbors on either side of her.

Sarah posted the letter on social media asking her neighbors “to come and talk to her” explaining how important Max is to the family.

(Photo screenshot via Kennedy News and FB)

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  1. I don’t live in England, but if I was one of her neighbors I would love for Sarah to get to know me and, hopefully, find me worthy of “dog sitting” Max. I certainly would offer to “dog sit” for her. (We have rescue dogs at our house). I hope that these neighbors can find it in their hearts to have some tolerance & understanding. A little kindness goes a long way. These so-called “neighbors” may one day soon need some tolerance and understanding from others. They really need to back up and rethink the situation. Treat others as you would like to be treated. BE KIND!

  2. i live next to a dog park. i don’t mine the barking it just the one’s that let dog bark at every thing that go by lately she there in morning. when we eat dinner.my grandson & i go out to play there she is . that’s her right but the dogs #3 of them how can we get them to stop barking she don’t get my little hints . is there a nice way for her to go” home”

  3. dogs gonna bark. cows gonna moo. animals gonna do what they do. get ear plugs. crank up your music. maybe get your OWN dog so you will learn compassion.


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