Woman injured by alligator while protecting her dog from the reptile

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A Florida woman was injured by an alligator while walking her leashed dog along the water’s edge in Palm Harbor. As reported by CBS News, the 43-year-old woman quickly grabbed her leashed dog when the alligator emerged from the small lake and tried to attack.

Gene Vance, who witnessed the attack, told WTSP News,

“The gator tried to get the dog but she grabbed the dog pretty quickly. But in turn, she slipped down and the gator got her leg just underneath the knee.”

The injured woman was rushed to an area hospital and a trapper was called in to get the nearly 8-foot long gator.

According to WTSP, trapped gators are rarely relocated and they become the property of the trapper. Alligators are sometimes sold to zoos, but usually they are killed for meat, or for their hide.

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