Woman claims FedEx driver stole her dog

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A woman in Helena, Alabama, claims that a FedEx delivery driver stole her family’s dog, Harley. As reported by WLWT News, the dog’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that Harley had been let outside on Saturday and then she disappeared…after posting about Harley’s disappearance on social media, neighbors let her know that they had seen a FedEx driver pick the dog up and drive away.

The driver who picked up Harley claims that he was trying to get her out of the street, to keep her safe, but Harley’s owner thinks it was outright theft. She tells the news agency:

“I was shocked, like, who puts a dog in a FedEx vehicle and still makes deliveries?”

Two days later, the dog was returned to her owner. The authorities are investigating the situation and have stated that the man could face a felony charge.

What are your thoughts? Should the dog have been left outside unattended? Was the driver wrong to pick Harley up? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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