Woman attached balloons to her Chihuahuas so she knows where they are at all times

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A woman posted an adorable video on TikTok and shared an adorable way to keep tiny dogs from getting stepped on or getting lost in a very imaginative ” life hack.”

Layla Tucker, known on TikTok as laylatuckermusic, shared a clip of people in a kitchen who are busily preparing food. First one notices two green balloons moving around and then the camera pans down to the tiny dogs attached to the balloons.

One white Chihuahua and one black Chihuahua move around the kitchen and the green balloons are so very obvious keeping the busy people aware of the dogs’ whereabouts and of course – less time to step on the tiny canine cuties.

Layla titled the clip “Definitely a life hack. #ADayInMyLife #4thOfJuly.

And the brief video didn’t take long to go viral – racking up more than 3 million likes with lots of well wishes and sweet comments from viewers.

All we can say is “adorable.”

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Pool time 😉


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