Woman accused of leaving her dog locked in hot car twice within two weeks

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In Las Vegas, authorities arrested a woman they say left her dog locked in a hot car twice within a two-week period. Alexandra Evans was arrested on July 9 and has been charged with willful or malicious torture/maim/kill a dog or cat.

According to FoxNews, police were summoned to a parking lot at a Goodwill store where a concerned shopper had reported a dog barking inside of a four-door SUV with the windows  shut. The outside temperature on that day according to the National Weather Service was 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

The car had been parked in direct sunlight, and police broke the passenger side window to free the small white dog who had been panting heavily. The pup, named Rio, was taken out of the vehicle and carried into the police car with the air-conditioning running.

An officer went inside the store to find Rio’s owner. Evans said she had only been in the store for 10 minutes, and her boyfriend had the car key.

Clark County Animal Control arrived and told authorities they had encountered Rio on June 27 when the dog had been locked in the same vehicle in a different parking lot. At that time, the temperature inside of the vehicle was 113F. At the time, Evans claimed her dog from the shelter and was cited.

“In a two-week period Evans has placed her dog Rio in two dangerous situations where serious injury could have been caused to Rio or even death. Heatstroke for dogs can happen within 15 minutes of exposure in these situations,” police noted in their report.

Evans is being held in lieu of $3,000 bond until a court appearance next week.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    TWICE within two weeks with ALL windows closed, no water and IN the HOT sun. She was trying to KILL this dog and ANYONE with a mere TWO brain cells can ascertain that. Good grief, you freaks actually believe WE are THAT STUPID! You must be a GOP evangelical or a cop to think such asinine nonsense as THOSE are the only two groups I know of that believe ANY humane, LAW ABIDING person is too dumb to see through this CRAP. ASTOUNDING!


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