Viral video shows man disciplining abusive dog owner by same leash used to drag dog

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A viral video continues to circulate on social media showing an alleged abusive dog owner being dragged by a leash on a New York City sidewalk.

According to Newsweek, Tashawn Rodriguez stated he had walked by a man dragging a dog “for three blocks against his will” with a “choker chain” around his neck. Rodriquez became so angry he stopped the man and made the abusive dog owner put the dog’s choker chain around his own neck. He then pulled and yanked the chain – the dog owner falling to the ground.

A Twitter account with the username @Str8CashTwist posted the video with the following explanation:

“When you drag a beautiful pitbull for three blocks against his will and walk past another fellow pitbull owner with no explanation …. KARMA!”

The dog owner is shown facing the camera with the metal dog collar around his neck. Rodriquez grabs the leash attached to the collar and gives it a strong pull – pushing the man to the ground. And he continued to yank the chain as the man is dragged on his back, slapped the man in the face and ended with kicking the man in the ribs and walked away.

“I got a dog bro. Like f…… dragging dogs? That’s what you did!”

Rodriquez set up a fundraiser to help care for the dog after telling viewers the owner was in “bad shape” and “out of work.” Rodriquez has been making sure the dog has been doing well and is being carefully watched over.

The video has garnered more than 500,000 views and has brought mixed reactions. When Rodriquez, however posted more photos of the dog at the time of the animal’s assault and showed the dog’s face all bloodied, more people seemed to approve of his vigilante behavior.

So is street justice and revenge justified? Is being a vigilante okay when it comes to defending a helpless pet? What do you think?

Check out the video (Caution – Disturbing content)

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3 replies
  1. Carol Green says:

    Absolutely! How many times have we seen animal abusers get little to nothing for punishment when, by some miracle, the animal abuser actually gets charged or prosecuted?

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    People are DONE with LAX law enforcement when it comes to VILE THUGS being ALLOWED to MAIM, STARVE, RAPE, BEAT, TORTURE, and CAUSE SLOW DEATHS of innocent animals. Mark my words: I’ve done a massive info campaign to alert people that the CONSTITUTION gives EVERY American the RIGHT to stop ANY person from physically TORTURING ANY living being with an imminent threat of death. That means that if I see YOU abusing YOUR dog or another person, I can by LAW knock YOU over the head with a baseball ball bat as many times as necessary to STOP YOUR ATTACK. Wise up or pay the consequences. THIS IS OUR country and WE ARE GOING TO TAKE IT BACK from the likes of LAW ENFORCEMENT thugs/criminal thugs and evangelical/GOP Nazi’s freaks. PERIOD!


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