Viral video of a Karen yelling at owner who left dog in Tesla under ‘dog mode’

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In another viral TikTok video involving one of our four-legged friends, a driver tells the story of a woman he describes as a “Karen” who yelled at them for leaving their dog in a Tesla. The video has been viewed more than 863,000 times and includes 6,500 comments.

The video is captioned:

“She was well-intentioned until she literally didn’t believe the screen saying it’s 65 degrees.”

So here’s what happened as told by @kodithek9 and who is in love with a red husky named Kodi. According to the video, Kodi’s owners walked into a nearby CVS leaving their dog in the car in “dog mode”. When the owners returned to their car, a very angry woman had been waiting and didn’t hold back.

“Today a Karen said I shouldn’t be leaving my dog in the car when I came back from CVS. I told her the car has dog mode, and he’s more comfortable in there than outside. She didn’t believe me and told me it was cruel. Meanwhile Kodi sometimes never even wants to leave the car.”

Comments following the video were very interesting and diverse, with many of the commenters stating the dog’s owner should not have called her a “Karen” since the woman was seriously concerned about the dog’s welfare, and many people are completely unaware of Tesla’s “dog mode” option.

On the other hand, some commenters argued she should not have interfered nor given the driver a hard time after it was explained the car had the “dog mode.” And let’s not forget how vocal huskies can be; surely Kodi would have had a “howl” if he wasn’t comfortable in the vehicle.

Check out the video here:

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